Global Snow and Rain

OK – 70 degrees 2 days ago. Now it’s raining snow. I thought that ground hog Pusquatawny (sp?) thing said only 6 more weeks of winter because of the shadow ritual. It’s March and we should be moving out of snow here in NC. The blooms on the trees are beautiful. But it is disconcerting to see snow falling on them. (makes for great pictures) but come on. I guess we move into tornado season next month. Happy, happy Joy, joy. My Dad always said, “If you don’t like the weather in NC, stick around a day or two.” He was so right. here’s to a nice April for us all.


It’s my business and it is freezing outside.

I am so glad I do not have to wake up at 4:30AM in the morning anymore to see of the school systems are cancelling school. My school system has made some really brain dead calls when they needed to cancel, but did not. I’ve a lot of stories to back that one up and i served on the schools systems board in a VP capacity form many years.I was not the person that made the call to cancel, delay or proceed.

The school system has also made some brain dead calls since then to cancel school when it wasn’t needed. They do this now based of accidents and deaths arising from our students from the previous year’s of mistakes. Well, fortunately today is Sunday and our school system doesn’t need to make the call to open or cancel. It’s not pretty outside and the temp is too cold for animals. I’ll make the decision if my children drive the cars today or not!